Anger management techniques

Anger, the emotion in all living beings, more specifically in human beings, makes harm to the one who persists it.

It always results in destruction, it sacrifices the mental peace of the holder and it is a recurring process until it gets everything worse, so it is needed to control before it leads to turmoil in one’s life and imbalanced mental condition, here imbalanced mental condition does not refer to insanity, it is about the restlessness, the short-tempered behavior, aggressive reaction toward circumstances rather than understanding it and finally breaks into anger.

To cater the anger management, one should follow these –

  • First one and the most crucial is to speak less and estimate the repercussions of what you going to speak and think thousands time before delivering any statement to others, the less you speak, lessen would be the dilemmas in life and if you feel that you are going to break into anger, do one thing, just put finger on your lips as you did in your school time and keep calm and get back to the things you love to do.
  • Never fall for useless discussions, better to surrender and concentrate on some quality work or explore your talent and just brush it up and shine. This may be learned from Gandhi Ji, our father of the nation, while he was in South Africa and applied to practice as a lawyer there and after crossing every hurdle He finally got his application was accepted for law practice in South Africa but in court, He was asked to remove his “pagadi”(a cloth which is wrapped on the head in Gujarat ), so Gandhiji accepted this order and said that “I did not want to waste my energy as it would deteriorate my efficiency, better to surrender and concentrate to achieve more efficiency in my work ” when his acquaintances asked him that why did he not oppose in that situation, he wrote that “different circumstances have a different meaning at different places ” in his autobiography.
  • Never give a hasty reaction to anything before getting it completely, better to observe the situation or the facts, and then react accordingly if found it inevitable else just leave to its fate.
  • Indulge in the acts that would results in positivity in your life, keep your mind engage with your plans for your life and follow them with all your heart and mind, set a target daily and achieve it, learn new things but never create spare moments, fill your mind with valuable thoughts and search for mental peace, you can get it by reading good books, meditation or if you wish, you can read my previous article “JIJIVISHA ”  about attaining mental peace.
  • To deal with the anger, for very sure it is always induced by people around you, so for this just think about them and try to find if you were there instead of them what would you do, what reaction you would deliver in that condition and if you find them right then correct yourself else ignore and take one good step to the best version of you rather than breaking into anger.

So, after following these steps, your aggression will surely turn to determination and happiness and you would feel that you have made the best out of it rather than falling for it or inviting troubles in your life.

Yes you can win over anger and make the best out of it.

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