“JIJIVISHA”- Attaining peace in life to live and continue living

Peace, what is the meaning of this word in your life, what you have imagined after you heard this word ??

I am asking this question because meaning of peace tends to differ from person to person.

Peace, a single magical word, that delivers a curve to your lips , whether you might be thinking of sitting alone on a beach or creating moments with your loved ones whenever you heard the word peace, but believe me if you want to switch to the things you love to find the peace, then you are making yourself dependent to the circumstances and people, what if circumstances would not get in your favor or your loved ones would have changed their perception about you, then what would be the next things to switch or you might get a breakdown, so here, in this kind of situation try to find peace inside you, never look for auxiliary solutions.

Sometimes the atmosphere surrounding you may not be cooperative or pleasant to you and you find peace is an impossible dream, so in this kind of situation what would you do ??

Do you allow others to control your happiness, your life, and creating dilemmas to it, and you would like to be the puppet in their hands ??

Wake up before you would have finished your life, the alarm is ringing but you can’t hear its sound but inside your heart, you can feel its vibrations, now it’s up to you whether they are positive or negative.

Time to concentrate on yourself, try to achieve that state of mind in which you don’t get disturbed by outer world, here what does the outer world stand for ??

Here the outer world refers to the people lies under your circumference , whether it be at your workplace or in your home, because everyone is gifted a wonderful voice by the almighty God and from our laws and constitution we all enjoy the freedom of speech and expression as our fundamental right , so if we don’t like their thoughts then we can’t fix a tape on their lips at all, so better to improve yourself , try to achieve the state where you don’t get affected by these kinds of things , better to concentrate on yourself and, taking a new step toward improving yourself , whether it be reading a book of your choice or doing something you love to.

Gather some courage to accept realities about yourself either good or bad , accept it and make a list of it and work for it , it may be the way you talk or your reactions at particular circumstances or things or it could be anything else, so work for self-improvement rather than looking for correcting others , build your own happy world where you are the topmost priority, take the control of your life, your happiness and your mental peace in your hands.

Accept people whether they are your loved one or anyone lies in your circumference , as they are , because every person persists its attributes either they have developed it or it is their tendency , so never try to mold them according to yourself because they have been living with their self as they are since their existence and they tend to resist any changes in their life , until they want to.

So don’t waste your time and try to utilize it how much you can , fix a goal in your life , as you have read this in my earlier article, and work for it , follow your dreams with all your heart and believe me you are moving on the right way.

Don’t waste time thinking about other people , never spend a single second of your mind thinking about others , just fill your mind with your plans about your life , plans to improve your self , plans to attain peace.

“Time is priceless and more expensive than money , you can earn money after losing it , but you cant earn the time you have spent and when you start to realize it , then you have left with the remaining time in your life.”

let me ask a question to you, answer it honestly , not to me but to yourself.

Are you happy with the past years of your life ?? don’t you have any regret for anything you have done in your past? do you want a chance to get back into the past and correct that thing?

Answer this in your mind , if your answer is yes , then only one solution is left with you , that is, you can’t go back to the past , so try to correct those mistake in your present life , try not to repeat them again in your life , the improvement that you wanted to make in your past , just apply them into your present , because life never gives you a second chance, so in your future, if you don’t want any regret about your past , just find solutions to the answer of the above question.

Before taking any step in your life , just imagine that moment in your life when you would be leaving the world and thinking about the life you have lived in past years , so what do you want at that time? a peaceful smile that you have lived it wonderfully or a regret that if I could have done this , things would have turned better.

Choice is your , How would you want to live your life? so take control of your life , your happiness in your hands, and just live it before it Finished.

Thank you , stay connected.








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