With thousands of dreams in her eyes, she entered into his world, embraced the color red in her soul, visible as the red chudis ,the red lehanga, and the red sindoor that filled her life with numerous experiences she had never encountered before.
She wore his name, from Facebook account to her certificates, She faced many problems in adjusting to the new surroundings as she was a bubbly, clumsy, innocent and simple girl living in her world of dreams and He was the Man, belief to live in the reality.
She was the chatterbox and he was the silent loving person, She hated partying but he loved to.
They were spending their lives, like others but they both were total novices in their relationship and so always were at loggerheads with each other.

Time passed and now they have crossed many years together and now..

He has become her mental and emotional support, and she indulges in managing his affairs, She hates cooking and He cooks for her, She started giving him his space and He gave her, his all-sky to expand her wings.

They started to complement each other but never left fighting whether it be for a T-shirt or an icecream, the cute little fights are never-ending and she owes all the positivity in her life to him.
He keeps motivating her and she finds solutions in him, she brings him out from the hustle in his part of life and He understands her in difficult situations.

He corrects her every mistake and she let him know his issues and they sort it out together being compatible with each other.

They are now the vigorous support to each other and above all, life partners to partners in crime, all they tend to persist @eight years of their wedding.

You may find your story in theirs, after all its not a fairy tale, it is a real-life experience, if you have anything new to share, just comment below and let us know your wedding story.


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