How to deal with negative people around you

have you ever been in contact with negative people ??and found no way to escape and also became the vulnerable one to the not so pleasing environment around you and felt that u were trapped ??

looking forward to the solutions ,then you  have reached the right place ,so lets start with exploring the objects first ,and their attributes,

The very revealing attributes of negative people are that they  love to criticize any one who would enter their circumference of interests  or sometimes it may be unknown  too,they just keep trying to criticize you until they get success in it ,then step two is on its way is to manipulate you according to their choice.

They have ability to pull down your self confidence to its lowest and you started to project yourself before you as they wanted to ,these people are expertise in sucking your mental strength thus providing nutrition to their negative health  .

They enjoy the outcomes of their efforts they have putted on , if it results in chaos or as per their expectations ,else  they continue to intrigue .

so now its time to find solution to handle these circumstances:

So here let me clear that these people are non curable so never try any kind of practice to change them or transforming them to positive one .

So never try to  waste a single calorie of your energy on them ,if you are surrounded with these kind of people then the first step is to explore that what are the reason behind their negative behavior and never be a participant at all  ,I suggest you to be an observer first so you could examine everything about their moves and their intentions ,so once you have done with it then you can  never get influence by these people because while you were working as an observer ,you would get to know that these people are dealing with their own issues too,they might be the loneliest ,or they might have gone through some bad experiences in their childhood or the way they were brought up ,there must be something not so good with them which outburst in negativity or sometimes it becomes their tendency and after observing them you would surely feel pity for them and it will helps you a lot in this process.

Everyone emphasis on improving ourselves and ignoring them but here my approach has an additional term  ,is to observe the problem first so you can clear your perceptions  ,all I want to say that if you are in the former situation then just observe them first and then react accordingly but peacefully ,here react does not intended to their satisfaction,here react meant to the steps that should be taken toward improving yourself and now it would be easy for you to hold on to your mental peace and when you know the problem then you can find its solution which leads you to your mental peace.

Here I want to tell you a story ,so once there was a monkey ,he was too notorious to handle and his area of work was a college campus whenever he saw a group of students he used to run toward them and pushed  them to the ground to make them fall  ,another day some students met with the same but then someone said not to  react just keep clam and they all did the same and he passed peacefully by them ,so here what we learnt  from this story that problem was same for both but the approach was different of the latter to the former and with a positive solution and they were able to do this because their were recurring cases ,so they observed the monkey and find solution by their own ,neither they got harm nor the monkey  in this process and result was all positive ,so here all I want to let you know that observe the problem before making any reaction and find a better solution by yourself and it will make you more happy and mentally strong to survive in any kind of situation .

Never give up ,find your mental peace ,recharge yourself with positiveness .

Thanks for reading .

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