In search of happiness

Have you ever seen a child? full of energy, laughter, and a clear mind is the happiest soul on earth, so how they used to be so happy and so bright ?? what is the reason behind their happiness ?? what is happiness or mental peace, and how could we find it ??

several questions were continuously striking in mind, so to find their answers I started reading motivational books, whether it be “The Secrets” or it is “How to stop worrying and start living” and all I got to know from these books, is positivity, all things started to turn into your favor, the time you switch to a positive attitude in your life.

Many times I read think what you want and yes, it’s true, think what you want but you have to put required hard work to get what you want so, put your all efforts to get what you want with a positive attitude because with a relax mind you can perform much better than a negative and exhausted mind.

Try to keep your life as simple as possible, never complicate it, why to opt for a complex and artificial life if we are endowed with so many blessings from nature.

live life as simple as possible, let the things or circumstances flow naturally, let it be, and above all learn to love yourself, respect yourself and feel proud to be what you are, never make any changes in yourself for the sake of others but yes keep improving yourself and be the best version of you.

After I read “Siddhartha” by Hermann Hesse, I came to know about finding myself, find your happiness within yourself, yes, believe me, happiness lies inside us and we never explore inside us rather we keep searching it here and there but once you get to know about yourself and meet the person inside you then you are not more dependent and become a free soul and believe me the feeling of being free from everything is just amazing.

Here, by being free I did not mean to get free from worldly thing physically, its all about freeing yourself from worldly things mentally, everything good or bad, right or wrong, love or hate is in our mind, let’s free our mind from all these, let’s start to clean our mind by dusting out the negativity and embracing positivity and let’s get ready to feel enlightened.

These days I have been reading “How to stop worrying and start living” and the best I got from it is,  to live happily in your life you need to learn to live in today, leave the past because you can’t make changes to it, so why to worry about it and never think of your future because you never know anything about it but surely if you live in your present and make most out of it then surely you create your future according to you so just live in a day-tight environment, just lock your past and your future and start to live the current moment, this moment is going to decide your future so put your all efforts in this moment you are living right now.

So try to live in today, today is the day you have with you.

Every book I went through, all have the same essence, fragrance of positivity, mental emancipation, find yourself, all the power, positivity everything lies within you just need to explore it, find yourself and feel the aura of being spiritually high and mental peace.

so let’s find you in you and get all the answers to your questions.

thank you for reading.



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