Motherhood :journey of a mother (part 1)

It is a journey of a mother that starts from two pink lines to a never ending destination because whether you want it or not ,your heart refuse to stop it.

That unforgettable morning which started with a positive result ,whispering into your heart directly, “yes, you are pregnant“,that feeling when you heard her first heartbeat  through sonography ,do not lie to yourself,weren’t your heart rate racing  much more faster than the life taking shape inside your womb? Your child ,which is of a few mm became whole world to you around which your thoughts ,action everything  started to revolve.

The baby sites,google ,on which you used to see her growth chart  every week and read them more than once in a week,numerous emotions which were unrevealed till now ,suddenly started to jump over you .

You adjusted your food ,your sleeping pattern ,your every next  move associated with her comfort,you may remember the weird craving for foods, yes how can I forget it ? the gulab jamuns ,the golgappas and kulfis too but it may differ person to person as the mentioned former were of mine.

Size changes from small to XL,for the first time you started to love your increasing weight and clothes which could not hold you any more,you love all of it and yes the indigestion,  the discomfort,

the mood swings because you knew that you were carrying the world’s most beautiful creation that is your baby ,the one who is going to love you unconditionally in every situation.

Her first kick ,her hiccups and movement in  your womb,her response to a song or our voices,simply best feelings in lifetime.

Those stretch marks  ,that dividing line in your belly looked so beautiful that you were always ready to took

a glance at it.

Finally after long  9 months the most awaited moment knocked at your door either in form of labor pain or breaking  your water and the hospital seemed to be so panic at that time because feeling of her arrival and the nervousness of giving birth mixed together and after immense labor pain that broke you into tears and left your backbone crumbled and stitches in your vagina or abdomen ,here she/he incarnated into the real world out of her mum’s womb and first time you held her/him in your arms ,actually this time I have to say to my readers that I can’t explain that feeling ,even I have no words to express except an overwhelmed heart with some tears which want to come out from my eyes.

That was a feeling of completion,That was divine  ,I never felt like that before and so here our baby arrived and her cry ,even in my time I was in so pain so that I couldn’t hear her very first cry,so finally after nine month she/he entered to your world to fill it with her/his love,smile and ladies you got a chance to see a different side of your husband as a father,who was/is ready to do anything for his little one and you fallen again in love with the father of your baby.

This one is dedicated to all mothers and Fathers too because they witnessed the whole journey .

Now,time to say good bye, will catch you in the next part of motherhood .

Thanks for reading .

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