Motherhood :journey of a mother (part 2)

As your baby stepped into your life,with his/her twinkling eyes and  smiling lips you merely remembered the phase you have gone through earlier,His/Her cries sound  most melodious at that moment,I think the best moment in life of every woman.

You started to put efforts to connect with your little one and the first step to this was feeding your baby and for the first time you felt  emotionally and physically connected to him/her after coming out of your womb.

Here started a new struggle ,conciliation between the sleep of baby and mother and of course everything went according to the comfort of your little one,you spent not only  sleepless nights but also sleepy days,your gaining weight ,every organ of your body felt like hanging inside your stomach and of course how could you forget the lactation which made you feel so heavy that you even couldn’t sleep properly and after all these here you thrown yourself to deal with undiscovered challenges,which were to carry all the task of your little one.

Tell me ,How you felt when you first time gave your baby a bath after massage?

Those tender limbs of your little one felt so fragile at that time and in your mind the phrase was striking continuously was,”Handle with care”,wasn’t it?

How tough the former task was though you learned it and after some time you gained efficiency in it and became the best mother to your child despite your healing stitches which resisted you to sit properly and so painful they were until  healed completely and how could you forget that feeling when those stitches got wet with the urine passed by your little one.

The stinky diapers ,wet bed sheets and you too sometime felt his/her urine on you actually I should use many instead of some but this  fragrance was better  than of any perfume you are going wear in your lifetime.

I can compare all the new mothers to our mother earth,she is just like her,rotating at her own place to deal with her own constraints ,after all these challenges her life is revolving around her child and she forget herself to get adjusted in  this scenario.

After all these challenges she felt like an awardee when her child uttered the  first word, or started crawling or  walking ,her trophies were those little hands who held her while trying to stand on his/her little feet,her medals were the two little arms ,embraced her in between them.

She captured and locked , the very first crawling,first walk and first word he/she spoke in her heart forever.

Whether you were a good cook or not but you tried to cook the best dish with all your heart ,for your child though made her/him eating that dish was another super constraint,and in this roller coaster ride ,you faced another challenge when unfortunately your child fell sick and you were never prepare for this at first but you also dealt with it amazingly and the vaccinations ,in every vaccination you cried more than your baby did,you learned to deal with all above challenges except one especially this is a big challenge for me till now that how to make your baby eat everything,like dal ,roti ,sabji ,chawal to get him/her  the full nutrition value?

Now when your child complete first year ,the challenges began to lessen down but here came another one,The teeth started growing and those two little teeth were like pomegranate seeds in his/her mouth which made him/her more cute but this time your child felt fever and chills followed with continuous bowls .

As year passed, the challenges changed their way of representation to us,Now your little one started to throw new challenges at you every day and you still thinking the new scene he/she going to create and your journey continues…

Thanks for reading

Best wishes for all mum for their lovely journey.

This one is dedicated to my little angel Minku ,Love you darling.

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