Permanent Solution to all problems

All days in life are not always the same, sometimes you feel happy but sometimes you feel shattered, broken, and down, so how to come over out of this kind of situation?

solution to all this turmoil in your life is only one, to control your senses, the more you learn to control yourself, then you will find stability in your life.

so what I mean by senses here, senses are the system which makes us able to feel or to connect with the outer world, there are five senses you may know already about it, these are – touch, sight, hearing, smell, and taste.

once you learn to control these, you would begin to feel peace in your life.

Touch – is to free your body from any outer effect, like heat, cold, rain, you might have seen sages who had found victory over in all-season their attire remain the same,to control the touch in our life is quite different in real life but ascetic people control this sense too.

Sight – to see good things in everything and forget about those who have a negative impact on your life, because why to waste time on negative things rather you can explore some better and put effort into being better you than before and to remain neutral in every situation.

Hearing – to listen to what you want to, excluding the negative talks and including the positivity to shine in your life.

this is the most necessary sense you must have controlled and by doing this you are able to clean up your mind, why to always clean up your face, your mind needs cleanup too, to ward off the negative thoughts and to sow a beautiful flower of positivity whose effect can be seen on your face as you can see the aura in some people but not in the other, because if the mind is positive, everything would turn positive and the effect would be visible in you and your life.

smell– to control your power to smell and remail neutral in every situation, as all these senses teach us to remain neutral by controlling them.

no effect of anything on you at all.

and the most important is the Taste -to control the taste and to live a simple life, no cravings toward anything just eat what you get and thank the almighty for what you have.

but one most important use of tongue rather than to taste is to speak, to speak the truth, to speak as much less as you can, control your words to lessen the trouble arising out of it.

so by controlling our senses we can remain neutral in every situation and can control the troubles that merely occur.

because the solution to do what you would love to, or dancing or singing, to drink water, all these are temporary solutions, the permanent solution is to know yourself and invest your time in reading good books and if you want to learn to control your senses, then Srimad Bhagwad Geeta is the best source of it or you can opt Siddhartha by Herman Hesse .

So it’s better to find you instead of indulging outer word, improve yourself to the best version of you, keep working on yourself rather than connecting with the outer world.

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