They were four, sharing an apartment of  2BHK and the three girls were from the same college and one is from a different one.

Their journey started when they were brought up to Gurgaon for their employment as that was the peak time of recession in IT industry and they took their luggage and marched to their destination, Gurgaon, by hiring an auto(it was like Vikram in Dehradun), but that was another thing that most of their belonging were lost in this journey.

Apartment was final and struggle started to set the room with the remaining luggage which remained with them during this journey LOL, thanks to the landlady who provided food to them but here problems did not end, the major problem was of drinking water as all of them belonged to  Uttarakhand and never experienced that salty water and finally they sorted it from the Bisleri, they never thought that water could be such a big problem but unfortunately ,yes it is .

Now they started their office, there was a piece used to be the  Boss to them LOL for him too, the one with big round eyes and brown hair, with his dancing fingers on his face, he was too entertaining for them, now we should catch the room again because the story is about roommates turned to lovely friends and still together.

So when you started to live with your friends then this is the time when you get a chance to know about them, the real in them. They all started their journey as roommate now and issues began to arise, like the very common was about daily household chores, like jhadoo ,pocha and cooking  and the most important bartan after some time, the special task was assigned to each girl according to day and night and again LOL for this.

Cooking was further divided in roti sabzi , and two girls were assigned this task alternatively, so they were too good to manage all the task in their cute little house and three of them were too good to cook and the left one was a total novice in this and her rotis were too thick to chew and swallow.

so they learn new things their and lots of lovely moments they share and make memories there.

The landlady aunty and her naughty children and the Haryanvi Dadi Amma, who always used to say “re chhori abhi tak na khayo tum logan ne..ab bana re ho,khaoge kab ” ,because they used to had their dinner very late at 11-12 pm .

The  walk on the terrace, the waxing sessions, the cooking session and the sabzi mandi and the  gol gappas they love and finally one got engaged, the beautiful one and now time for pre-wedding karwachauth and all lived that moment with her ,it was so beautiful like her ,the Mirchi ki teekhi sabji and the karwachauth ka chand, they all were crazy for .

One lovely evening ,they all were hanging together ,the one with her deep eyes and peacefull smile on her face told another one  something that she could not get and the former one said to the latter that “ek seek(stick ) le aur dono kano me dal kar phir phatt se marna phir saaf sunayi dega  ” LOL for her dialogue actually this used to be her honest advice to anyone who did not get her  point .

The lazy Sundays they spent  together ,the mouthwatering food they prepared ,the safai abhiyan of the Sunday and the opened laundry too .

The little parties ,the cold drinks on the terrace, the chai in the summer evening ,the birthday celebrations, everything was memorable and they would love to revive it .

The third one and the last one were always at loggerhead with each other but after departing they feel how precious time they were spending together and now has turned to good friends.

The phone calls, crushes,late-night partying at Aggarwal’s restaurant and the cars and the bike who used to follow them, but they all were brave and just dealt with everything they encountered weird while living with friends and grew up from college students to confident young ladies.

Life was very beautiful with them  , and now all of them busy in their life but they are still connected with each other.

You may find your roomies and experiences in their story ,if yes then let us know yours ,I would love too hear from you .

This one is dedicated to my lovely friends ,love you three ,stay connected .





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