Siddhartha -Herman Hesse

Herman Hesse was a German writer born on 2 July 1877 and got his  Nobel price for literature in 1946.

His family resided in India for some years and during this time he encountered about India and its people.

Siddhartha is his famous work and in this article, I tried to deliver you some facts about this book or its summary.

The story is about Siddhartha, who was the son of a brahmin and got educated by the same practices.

Though he acquired knowledge about all the rituals but still he hadn’t found the peace and with a question in his mind that all the sages who collected this knowledge and compiled in books, have they found the mental peace??

So to find the peace he joined a group of ascetics and himself became ascetic with his friend Govind and he learned to control his all senses, he came out victorious over hunger, feelings, sensation.

one day they all went to attend Gautam Buddha‘s sermons, there Siddhartha met the Buddha and he got influenced by him but decided to explore life in his way and chose to walk on his path.

After some time while wandering in a city, he saw a beautiful woman named Kamala and attracted towards her and he got stuck into the physical world and became a rich man and father of a son but after some time he found himself trapped in worldly things and just moved out of that life he was living before and then he wandered in the jungle and then met a sailor, the sailor knows to communicate with the river, he also started to live with the sailor and learn to communicate with the river and tried to understand what it was saying and then he again met Kamala as a sailor sometime later and he found that he had a son but Kamala passed away and again Siddhartha got emotionally attached to his son and tried hard to be a good father for him but he never accepted him and went to his house in the city and Siddhartha himself tried hard to detached himself from his son and became a sailor and observed people who used to travel in his boat.

one day he met with his friend Govind and Govind asked him about his teachings and his views about life and Siddhartha told him –

that all people are searching for something in their life and when you search for something you would only see that thing which would become your goal, you only search for it and unable to see the other things appear right after you but if you want to find yourself just let it be free from all barriers and just find and you explore many things about life and yourself too.

-that he found that knowledge can be shared but you can’t propagate wisdom to others but one can find wisdom by self-efforts but can’t share or teach.

sometimes what an intellectual tries to propagate seems to be foolish for some other person so you cant share wisdom, you only develop it.

-that he does not believe in words or thoughts he found all of them identical or similar , the words and the thought are nothing to explore, the truth is the thing or the scenario which happens actually.

-that he learned from the river to listen calmly, to keep patience, and to wait. He learned to remain silent and attain mental emancipation.

-that all worldly things are necessary to explore every phase and every truth of life and to accept it as it is.

after reading this book I learned to think and learn from everything I see, everything teach us something good, I learned to observe things like the rain, the mountains, and the sky, they all teach us different things.

Have you ever observed any one of them then please let me know and share your experiences in the comment box?

thanks for reading.

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