Teachings from “The Story of My Experiments with Truth-M.K.Gandhi”

The Story of My Experiments with Truth, it is an autobiography of Mohan Das Karamchand Gandhi, born to an Indian Gujarati family in 1869,2 October.

He was the pioneer of non -violent and non-cooperation in Indian national movements, and He is the Father of the Nation of India.

This book depicted his journey from childhood to 1930, while he was in Yarwada jail. This book is about the ideologies, experiences, and struggles of Mahatma Gandhi.

I have read this book twice and found a solution to all my problems and here is the abbreviation of his ideology that everyone should know and implement in his/her life.

  • One should always speak truth to reduce ambiguities in their lives and to attain peace.
  • Non-violence is the cult on which you find a solution to every conflict without making any harm or destruction.
  •  Gandhi Ji always emphasis on workout whether it be in the form of a simple walk or anything else, He included exercise in his daily routine during his school days. To catered his desire for exercise, during his studies in London, He chose to walk about 2-3 miles to the college over the carts and he wrote that he might hardly fell ill during his studies in London.
  • Friendship always exists between two, with the same thoughts and moral values, because it has a great influence on each other and you can’t befriend with the one you want to improve, so there is no space for improvement in friendships.
  • Ethics and moral values planted in the childhood in a person, reflects in personality and behavior. Somewhere ethics and moral value helps us to survive in hard conditions in life and we just come out of it victoriously, all because our ethics and moral values we tend to persist.
  • One should be always disciplined and determined to their promises whether made to others or self.
  • Cleanliness is a must for everyone as it helps in eradicating diseases and keep the environment healthy, especially in cases of washrooms,  must be clean and sanitize that lead to our hygiene, The Swachch Bharat Mission in India has been derived from here.
  • One should always seek for self-help rather than depending on others, as it will make you self dependent and active.
  • Live life as simple as it can be, make it easy and affordable, more concentration should be on self-development and self-improvement rather than on materialistic things.
  • Every youth should develop a habit of budgeting their expenses, there should be a written record of expenses maintained, so that in future one would never become short at funds.
  • One should use words very wisely, because the one who speak less would think of every word he/she would utter before. The term Gandhi Ji used for this is,  “Mitbhashi “, expenses of words should be always less than thoughts result in reduced dilemmas.
  •  Humans tend to exchange their feelings with each other and share them too, accordingly. One should do good to others disregarding their action.
  • There must be written work maintained for all of the actions, have taken or going to take. Written work remains last than that of spoken words.

After implementing all his strategies and ideologies, I found solutions and hope in life and wanted to let everyone know about it.

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