The Class of 2011-14 @SSJ Campus

She was appointed as a contractual teacher there to teach the class of BCA and she was assigned the lectures to the BCA First year and Second year . Here I must mention about The Head of the department , He was a true gentleman and the Best HOD she ever got in contact with.

This was the college where her graduation took place and she was about to take her first lecture there, she was fully prepared with her best attire, syllabus in her hand, and overview of the first chapter and consolidated all of her confidence with her.

With a racing heartbeat, she entered the class and kept rigorous control on her expression , she was like, “kuch bhi ho jaye bachcho ko nahi pata lagna chahiye ki main nervous hu” and what she found , a bunch of freshers who were actually kids but were trying to act like college adults.

So as she entered the class ,she was welcomed with a singing sound of “gooooood aaaaafternooooooon maaaaaaam” in chorus LOL, she didn’t even know that  how she would be going to handle them , they all seemed cute little devil to her LOL.

As she started, they asked her to introduce herself to them and then they too introduced themselves, and when she was about to introduce their syllabus to them , they were like , holding the referred book in their hands and showing book to me that “Mam ye vali book lagegi,aapko chahiye to hum laa denge ” and the funniest one was “app ye hi rakh lijiye “,she was breaking into laughter inside but however managed to maintain her teacher look before them , didn’t know how could she made it , at that time , there were some cooperative students too,who used to throw a consoling smile regularly at her and at that time that smile was like “sanjeevani booti” to her and she was like “poori junglee class hai par girls achi hai as usual “.

Struggle started with her own students and time for her next class and the location of the classroom was changed and now with a new classroom, they all were set for LOL

Now she marched to the class , seemed to be full of terrorists to her at that time and she was all set with her prepared lecture because no one is perfect and neither she , class started, this time they cooperated a little and she got familiar with only four or five girls and a boy with the spectacle, seemed to be the studious one and some were teasing, irritating and the backbenchers were projecting smiles like the smiling Buddha and the one who never put off his side bag from his shoulders LOL.

So classes were going on and one fine day she got to know that “BCA first year has posted your picture on Facebook”,she was angry but she had been one of them in her college life too and she consoled herself like,”beta sab tere karmo ka phal hai ,jo tune kiya vahi mil raha hai “LOL ,ofcourse not ,her teacher asked her one day ,”kaisa lag raha hai teacher banke “and she could understand her teacher now, as she was going through the same and she was at very confusing state that what could be done that proved to be the best solution at that kinda situation , because if she would have told to the HOD , then students might have to get punished but they would prone to develop a negative feeling for her , if she would not take any action then they never realize their mistake and would repeat it again,so after thinking for a day and night , she decided what should be done at this condition.

She entered the class and after doing her lecture she asked them about the picture they have posted and suggested them to ask her next time before taking the picture , so she could smile in picture and requested them to send her friend request on FB and tag her that picture too so that she could enjoy it too and her strategy resulted in the positive aspect of that incident and students became more lenient toward her.

Now the classes continued and she as well as the students started feeling more comfortable with each other ,now lets move to the studies ,the classes she used to take were of mathematics in their first semester and language C in the second semester, as I told you earlier she was not so perfect at her teaching skills but tried with full of her capacity to deliver her best to them ,but questions were asked from the students be like ABC theorem is why like this ,it could be done this way too and she was like that the theory has been derived by the great mathematicians many years ago and now we can’t do anything LOL.

To solve this situation she asked her students that , “I maybe get wrong sometimes too, if that situation arises then please correct me because no one is perfect at anything, let us have an interactive study  “, she believed that she could learn new things from her students too because different minds have different concepts too and one of her students was too curious that she also learned so many new things from him and still she is connected with him and discuss her confusions with him.

And finally the students who seemed to be terrorists to her , now became her lovely students and she used to enjoy their “shaitani”.

Finally, she got engaged and all of her girls’ students were suggesting her about the phone call plans and the cheapest sim available in the market at that time , and her classes continued with her ringing phone and every time the phone rang , her students used to say “mam utha lijiye “though the phone used to be on vibrating mode, LOL

That one particular incident when the students were late in their class and she interrogated about them for being late and they were like “mam blood donate karke aaye hain ,seb aur juice bhi mil raha hai,aap bhi jaaiye  “and then one said with very serious and funniest expression on his face “mam raktadan, karke dekhiye acha lagta  hai” that was used to be a tagline of a blood donation advertisement, again LOL.

Now the time came to say good bye to all of them and one incident took place at that time that was very close to her heart ,one of her students came to her  and said “are mam aap ja rahe ho “and he touched her feet (Indian tradition to honour elders ) and she was overwhelmed by his act .

The story does not end here , they all attended her wedding (computer science ki taraf se LOL ) the sweet little kids, her students.

Now her journey ended up here but her relationship with her students is still alive, if you feel connected yourself with her journey either as the teacher or the students, please share your experiences with us,I would love to read your experiences.

I would like to dedicate this article to all my students.

Love you all bachcho though you all have grown up now but still I would like to address you as bachcho.



6 thoughts on “The Class of 2011-14 @SSJ Campus

  1. Old memories are like coffee with cream and sugar. When stirred, both can become mellow and sweet.
    I miss these day.
    Madam really amazing write-up!

  2. Ma’am,
    This refreshed my memories..
    Ma’am do u remember that bell sound in mid class.. like tunnnnnnn….

    And the second name of the guy touched feet…

    With regards…

    1. that guy who touched my feet was bhupendra Singh and yeah the bell sound..ha ha ..everything was so funny ,but u all were lovely students 🙂

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