To The best version of you

We all have been passed through many ups and downs, somewhere in our life. The hard times when we were trying to rise out of it and actually we made it possible with rigorous efforts and actions, and have you ever fallen into the same condition after that ??
If no then you might have learned from it else you need to analyze the causes which have resulted in the former situation.
On your way to advancement, just pursue  these   in your daily routines to reach the better you
Diary writing: It is the best thing that you can do to stimulate the process of exploring the best in you, all you have to do is to write down all your heart out on it and then just go throughout to your work in your diary and analyze your moves and its outcomes, so you can fix it up for upcoming future and never repeat the same mistakes.
Believe me after sharing your all-day experience with your diary, you would feel so light and peaceful.
Reading: To read something good is tantamount to feed your brain a nutritious diet everyday and fixing up the deadlocks that occur in your mind and you have surely read this somewhere that ” a book is the best friend to us”, so choose a good book and hold on to it and apply the theories it consists in it to your life and you are a step ahead in the encounter with the better you.
You can select any book of your choice, it might be  “The secrets “, “power of your subconscious mind ” or any other good book of your choice, so just go through it and you would find solutions to your queries about life.
Goal: Fix a goal in your life, I have read it in a book that a person with no goal is like wandering on a road without destination, though you are walking on a road you do not have an idea about where would you reach in future, and if you set a goal in your life, then even unaware of the path you would find your way to the destination and with every step toward your goal, you would feel enthusiastic and energetic and develop a positive attitude toward life.
Meditation: It leads you to mental peace, all you have to do is just sit and close your eyes and imagine a box in your mind, and let your mind blow by the reckless thoughts and just lock down all of them into that box and just move ahead with the regular meditation practice.
Walk: Either a morning walk or an evening one but it must be included to your daily routine, this is the time when you feel the nature, that pampering breeze, the infinite color blue, singing birds and all the love from nature sending to us, just feel it and your heart will surely embrace all of it.
So after all these, one should work on his/her experience, evaluate every point, every single mistake you have made in past and learn a lesson from it and never forget to apply it in your life and here I want to clarify, do not get stuck to your past just use it for analyzing your missteps and just move towards a better version of you and keep excavating the thoughts that lead to the best in you.
Thanks for reading.

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