why always women need to get empower

Since I finished my education and entered to the world full with very harsh realities,I always heard about women empowerment.
In the very beginning I didn’t know about women empowerment but as time passes and I started working and I realize that women should get empowered and I thought we can do this by educating women and I was quiet sure that educating women is tantamount to women empowerment but soon I realized that I was so wrong and i got to know the real meaning of empowerment,that is ,a woman is empowered when she feels confident,when she reflect her true personalty with confidence not to other but to herself,when she is satisfied with what she really is and accept herself as she is with all her goods and bad.
The most important thing I got to realized that no other person can empower us until we wants to do this to ourselves and ladies we are already empowered with our ability to produce life ,to manage a family,and with all these things we have the ability to manage our career though we have a load of responsibilities but we carry everything beautifully,but in my view empowerment is about happiness,about freedom to do what we want to,freedom from society stereotypes and breaking all the stupid trends we were following till now .

In my view when women started to cooperate with other women than women would not need anybody else as we can realize that there are big enemy of women at home who are also women and we are the maker of our next generation so why not to create a healthy generation where men are truly gentle and women are treated as human not as a multitasking machines and sex objects.

All I want to say that we are human as you are so please we do not need empowerment we just need to be treated like you all get treated as human beings.

Hey pretty ladies ,I just want to tell you that we do not need any empowerment, we only need respect, love ,a little pinch of some proud and some pamper ,and most important thing is that we do not need or require these things from outer world or any peripheral boosting system ,all we require is from our inner soul.
Why to wait for anyone ,who would come and love us, respect us, pamper us or spend time with us, whether husband or friends or family or any other people, why we are so dependable to other, why we cant be our own companion? Why?
Just open the doors to your heart, do not wait for anybody to pamper you, just be your soulmate.
Find time to pamper you in a way you like to, it might be a beauty session for some or traveling with the words appear in your favorite book to which you could not catch up due to your overloaded responsibilities, refresh through exploring new places, cooking your choice of food ,hitting to gym ,watching TV or setting your Goals in life and moving toward your goal because each little step toward your goal results in peace and satisfaction in your life.
Set yourself the first priority in your life, find time to cherish your interest or sharp your skills, never stop just move from your place to a better you, do not ignore yourself because if you ignore yourself than no one will care for you, as someone said very true and also my favorite lines “Smile and the world smiles with you, cry and you will cry alone”, then just smile but more important than a smile should be a pure smile which reflects your satisfaction and your mental peace.
Never put yourself on a deadlock condition ,never put blame on yourself for being anything wrong because you are human too and above all ,please treat yourself as a simple human being who feels pain ,who can have emotion ,who can get tired easily, who can feel sleepy too, who can have her choices too, be the creator of your own life ,live your life as you want too, do not follow the trends ,follow your own trends and never judge yourself according to other’s view, no one can judge you ,no one have the authority or any right to judge us ,just be yourself, do what you want to, eat what you love, live your life at your own terms, be the controller of your life ,do not anyone let to control you ,Be your own BOSS and rule your life.
Just live it to its fullest because we get life only once so don’t waste it and just live.
The most important thing I want to say that ,actually it is a request to all ladies, Please respect other ladies and cooperate them ,do not criticize them just stand with them in their ups and downs if you get a chance to, Stand together with each other.
Thanks for reading .
yes we are the winner.

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